Saturday, 1 August 2015

Safe House 2015 Prep

Hello, friends!

It's just one week until we embark on yet another adventure to raise money for Edinburgh's Sick Kids Hospital and I have managed to cram some hobby in amongst the tumult of finishing uni and work.

Before we crack on, here is the awkward out-stretched hand, begging you for coin. Any donations can be made via the Safe House 2015 JustGiving page and as always we really appreciate any support.

The following are just a couple of things I've been working on, the rest I have had to keep under my hat so as not to spoil the campaign story. 

Some new faces

 Here are a couple of character that will be making an appearance at some stage in the campaign:

Left to right: Foundry Street Violence mini with Hasslefree shotgun and re-sculpted hand, Project Zeke Miniatures "Bridges" mini with my own holster and Miniature Mojo shotty, another Foundry Street Violence miniature with a random Foundry Styer assault rifle.

Next up are a couple of converted Wargames Factory miniatures that may or may not feature...I just thought I'd get them done anyway.

Stewardess and Meter Maid

Finally we have old faithful, the unidentified Humvees that featured in the last campaign (I have painted both up this way). These will definitely have a role to play in the coming apocalypse.

A fresh coat of paint

I hope these morsels have titillated your palate enough for you to join us again in a little over a week for the Safe House 2015 after action reports. There will be some adjustments to the format and I'll be sharing some free stuff with you all too. Don't touch that dial...


  1. Like the new characters they look great dude. Especially the guy with the bat and sawn off shotgun! Nicely done fella.

  2. Cheers, buddy. He was a delight to paint actually.