Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Safe House 2015 - Intro

The 2015 team after 24 hours on the road
(L-R) Jim, Simon, Phil & Ross

Now that the weekend is behind us it's time to catch up on the action from Safe House 2015. 

And what a weekend it was! 

We have raised a fantastic total of £697.08 between us and the campaign is still open at the Safe House 2015 JustGiving page so any pennies you fine folk can sling our way to help us beat last year's score would be amazing.

Lets begin by introducing the characters and format of the campaign. 

The campaign ran much like last year with three acts and a grand finale comprising a total of about 10 games

However, this year I left out a lot of the prefabricated story and plot devices so that the players could better craft their own tale of survival. As such I eschewed controlling my own character to play the role of Games Master, controlling the zombies and NPCs and occasionally throwing out events and situations to complicate matters for the other guys or just to improve the overall experience.

Players also only had one character each this year. This significantly streamlined play between games and increased the fear of death, a change I will be keeping in place in future.

So let's meet the Stars:

Smudge, Coach & Cornetto

From left to right we have: 

Smudge (Phil) - Former Royal Engineer now contracting in the US, Coach (Jim) - Volunteer fire fighter and coach at the local high school, PC Cornetto (Ross) - retired ex pat policeman who likes taking shortcuts. 

For the games we used the standard rules for THW's All Things Zombie and some updated rules from I, Zombie and the new Tales of Dread supplement. In addition, I introduced a standardised inventory system using a new printable gaming aid I commissioned for the event; the Survivor Bug-out Bags, available free from Project Zeke Miniatures HERE

These are yours to use as you see fit and are just a small token of our gratitude for all your support.

The trusty bug-out bag 

With that said, let us begin on our journey of survival. See you in Act 1 of Safe House 2015.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing how the characters fared...

    1. That's the first act up now bud. More coming this week I should think.

  2. Great to hear from you again and looking forward to your game reports dude!

    1. Thank you, Bob. It's really stuck in my craw not being able to spend more time writing but work, alas, must interfere.

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