Monday, 20 October 2014

Safe House 2014 Epilogue - "Sleep tight..."

Safe House 2014 Epilogue AAR

"Sleep tight..."

Better late than never, eh! In this AAR I will give you all a little more of an insight into the events of Safe House 2014 and what happened after the last chopper out of Bloom reached its destination: The repurposed drilling platform, The George A. Romero.

Here's a quick update: A select group of civilian survivors aided private and military units from a joint taskforce called Operation: Roundhouse in their exfiltration from the dead city of Bloom to deliver valuable intelligence about the infection to their masters offshore.

The group had to battle against time and an ever-increasing horde of the undead in order to reach the roof of a high rise (the safe house) and get transported to safety via helicopter.

The fight to the citadel was intense but our experienced group of killers reached their goal with time to spare and without casualties...or did they?

Allow me to direct your attention to this extract from Act 4 of the Safe House 2014 campaign:

 "Out on the road, the gun fire ceased as several of our team's weapons ran dry. With the sudden break in tempo and the horde well out of reach, Eddie decided it was time to get everyone moving into the club.
Corporal Harris of Zulu squad was the last member of the group to enter the building and he remained on the ground floor to barricade the door as everyone else made their way to the roof. "

Corporal Harris brings up the rear

But here's what you didn't see:

The horde closes in...

...but Cpl. Harris is too slow.

He shakes the zed loose...

...and barricades the door behind him.

It seems not everyone made it out as unscathed as we first thought. Now our group are heading to a perceived sanctuary, no knowledge of the darkness they carry with them.

As always, here's some mood music. Let the cliché commence!

Our epilogue begins with the marines of Zulu Squad in their bunks aboard the Romero catching some well-deserved rack time after their long deployment.

Unbeknownst to his squad mates, Corporal Harris fitfully tossed and turned, a fever burning through his body like Hell's fire.

And then his writhing stopped...

Zulu squad catching some Z's

Cpl. Harris awakens

So it should be clear that Cpl. Harris turned into a zombie. But not just any zombie, a smart zombie as per the rules in THW's I, Zombie supplement for ATZ.

For this game I decided that the sleeping marines would have to take a Savvy Challenge in order to wake up at the beginning of every turn of activation, using a Rep equal to the amount of moving bodies in the room.

First turn and Zed Harris shuffled to the adjacent bed and fell, jaws open, upon the sleeping Pvt. Kowalski, tearing his throat out with his teeth.

As Kowalski silently bled out beside his cot, Zed Harris moved toward his squad leader, Sgt. Coombs.

Despite the snarling shadow looming over his bed, Sgt. Coombs did not stir and Zed Harris claimed another victim, leaving just enough of the sergeant intact to turn into a zed himself.

 Zed Harris set his sights on his remaining squadmate, Pvt. Jones, but he had made enough noise to rouse the young SAW gunner from his slumber.

But, alas, young Pvt. Jones could not reach his weapon before Zed Harris whacked him in the jaw with the butt of his AR 15, knocking him back onto the bed.

Pressing the advantage, the bloodstained Zed Harris brought his rifle crashing down on the marine's head again and again, leaving only as Zed Coombs began to feast on the mortally wounded Pvt. Jones.

And so Zed Harris left the cabin in search of more victims...

Catch up on all of the Safe House action below:


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    1. Cheers, dude! I had fun making the little sound stage just for this.

  2. Great work man love it!

  3. Oh.......The shit just hit the fan...AGAIN!!!

    This is great, and I do once again aplaud the music!

  4. Gosh. Quite bleak...

    ... LOVED IT! Perfect zombie storytelling there! :)

  5. And so the zombie horde grows! Is anywhere safe? Great stuff, Simon.

    1. Nowhere is safe, Bryan. As you'll find out soon enough.

  6. Great idea, and well executed! Love the feeling and scenario, this is awesome stuff!

    1. Cheers, dude. More to come along this line too.

    2. Fantastic! Love it - please remind me who makes the minis? Thanks ;)

  7. Enjoyable as always! Well worth the effort!

    1. Ta, mate. I must admit I'm a lot more inclined to put some effort into my building interiors after this.

  8. Uh oh! Behind enemy lines!! Very cool!

  9. What a sad ending for the squad.