Monday, 1 September 2014

August 2014 - Sophisticated Pallet

After such a hectic July, what with Safe House and various other projects reaching their climax, I have been taking August a bit easier. That's not to say there's nothing to report, however.

No, we've seen the release of the new Wrecked SUV terrain piece and the Bridges, Zeke, Eddie and Lars miniatures (I also had another special miniature cast but it was last minute and I haven't painted it yet but I will be covering it in another post soon).

Wrecked SUV





I have also begun remastering the P-Sec Private Security Squad miniatues and have therefore reduced the price of old miniatures to clear. You can now buy pose A, B and C individually for only £1 each.

Enjoy your retirement, boys

As with last months post I will be making a habit of sharing my personal hobby doings and resources I find helpful with you fine people. This month I have been beavering away trying to make terrain for a very special mini-campaign following directly on from the events of Safe House 2014.

Now, I don't want to give anything away about the content of the campaign as I think you will really enjoy it when I post the AARs and I don't want to ruin the surprise. That said, I found a superb tutorial for making 28mm wooden pallets HERE and have been snipping coffee stirrers ever since. Here's a little look at the end result of about 15 minutes work...

Teeny pallets

Anyway, that's all for August. I hope it was a good month for you. Lots of good stuff to come in September including the Safe House Epilogue.


  1. Looks great! Pallets can be used as urban debris ALWAYS!

    1. Too right. They're so quick to make too. I might not even paint them.

  2. All looking good dude! If you don't paint them, try staining them with ink or a wash.

    1. Cheers, Bob. Hopefully I'll have enough to try a few different weathering techniques.